Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Losing it

While the Shelley Long/Tom Cruise movie was a classic, it's not the subject of this post. Pity, since the 1980s frankness about the desperate need of teenage boys to get intp circulation in the face of an antiseptic society that rejected their nature holds a lot of relevance today, in the face of a society that not only rejects their nature but refuses to talk about it. So maybe that will be the subject of the next post. Or not, since it would require talking to a teenage boy, which would probably make me a Level 2 sex offender just for saying Hello. So forget that.

This is about work.

Long, long, ago, in a place about 3 blocks from where I work now, I was young and confident. Always willing to start something. Now, not so much. It takes a lot to get old DP on the warpath.

All year, I've been angling to get 200 or so complete accountings from our custodian. Now that they should be ready, I go off into the weeds and find - Nothing! And it's our fault. After spending 2 days chasing down the problems, I found an utter, complete, total, redundant failure to train, supervise or give a shit about maintaining accurate records of expenditures.

Trouble is, the person directly responsible for this failure is somebody I like. And the ultimate responsibility is due to a total void. Almost enough to get the old fires burning, to move in, take control, etc.

Almost. We all know how that would end.

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