Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Retirement hasn't slowed down the page views

The busiest time ever for this blog was, according to page views, late January. Some robot had focused in on the not particularly exciting, and instantly dated, summary I did of the tax issues open just before Congress closed them.

So, not coming out of retirement, but I had to note that The Rolled Up Newspaper is now over 40,000 page views.

And that Ohlemacher still has no clue, or pretends not to.

The IRS called people up and asked them if they cheat. Shockingly,

When asked how much, if any, is an acceptable amount to cheat on your income taxes, 87 percent of respondents said, "not at all." Only 11 percent said, "a little here and there" or "as much as possible."

You can believe me, or read for yourself: He never mentions the weirdness of the survey design. "Sure, and I spend my weekends knocking over banks."

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