Tuesday, July 17, 2012

It's hot. Damn hot! Real hot!

For most of us, the record heat in the US for the last year has meant very little. Winter was easy, summer is a little rougher for the 20 minutes a day we aren't air conditioned.
Also, the young wimmens are wearing very little clothing.
Out where the sun beats down, things are not so nice. The corn & soybean crops are way off, and prices are up. Wheat is near $9/bushel, corn nearing $8. There are rumors of export limits. Yes, this is obviously connected to Global Warming. You don't have to be shy about agreeing with Every.Climate.Scientist in the World not on the Exxon payroll. So, expect the heat to continue, with breaks for monsoons, rains of blood, and plagues of locusts. This will get seriously ugly in the countries where people are on the edge. So, good news! When you bellyache about the weather, you're not being a whiner. You're addressing the most important problem to hit the world since 1945!
UPDATE : Please, please do not take this as trading advice! Corn is mostly used as animal feed or turned to fuel ethanol. These types of demand can be submarined as easy as breathing. The only real question is how things get allocated. I do NOT have a mole with the Masters of the Universe. UPDATE 2 : The Washington Post has noticed the drought, and has a nice picture of a drought riddled future.

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