Monday, December 03, 2012

Like I said, I'm usually hungry*

Before** Star Trek, there was a show with the exact same characters: Gunsmoke.

None of those are the characters with which we are concerned today. Today, we explore a man's man, Quint - the Worf of his day:

In 20 years, Gunsmoke changed with the times. A lot. The early black & white shorts were violent & hard. Later they went to color, got longer, got sillier. Quint was in the transition. Indians as the Enemy were stale by the early 60s, so the half breed Comanche got to be sympathetic, while dealing with the dopey kid of the week. (Gunsmoke villains were either hardened scumbags or dopey kids)

So maybe not the most interesting character. That would be Miss Kitty. How did they keep up the euphemism for 20 years about what was going on upstairs at the Long Branch?

I dunno. This is making no sense. Now we're all in a stupid fight about how to pronounce Zauberberg.

Avengers assemble!

*Which is not good for coherence. Bear with us.

**Also during & after - it ran 20 years

& if that made sense, hah!

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