Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Bildungsromans are only for Romans

I was planning a post about the need at a certain age (18) to head out into the world in search of adventure. Then I realized : Taking off is something only the privileged can do. Everybody else is subject to increasing brutalization.

Alas : If you're not white, with educated accents, they will smash you. The story that brought this home, Roger Anthony being killed by cops for no reason whatsoever, is in a small way hopeful. Unlike most similar cases, the mayor was willing to admit the obvious:

Scotland Neck Mayor James Mills said he wouldn't blame the family for suing.

'There has been no information that this man was a threat to anybody,' he said.

5 months later, nothing much has happened. Getting killed by a taser is something that happend to somebody on average once a week. Given how many of the deaths are utterly pointless, how many of the people who survived the torture are being killed needlessly?

So, what's going on? Police have become tools of plutocracy. If you see the average people around you as your peers and employers, that's a good thing. If you see them as the enemy, and you have police powers...

She won a suit for $300,000.

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