Monday, May 14, 2012

The meaning of TV is TV! Randomness through the air.

(Warning : Lame content, only left up as a reminder that I can't get away with laziness. Please do not waste 30 seconds of your life reading this.) As in television. The end of the spring season just brings it in waves.
And while I have a limited number of shows that I can watch, they're all on tonight from 8-10: How I Met Your Mother : Double episode. Sign that the show is about cooked. Which it is : There have been more unwatchable than watchable episodes this year. oest of the cast - Hannigan, Segal, Smulders, Harris, yup everyone but Ted - has an outside career going better than this show.
76ers-Celtics : There's a lot of time in a basketball game. There's a limited time I watch them. Can be good, can be painful.
Bones : Just good old fashioned TV. Forensics, silly jokes, decayed corpses - just fine without the rather lame sexual tension
America's Got Talent - but we probably won't see any this early. Haven't seen Howard Stern in a while, so there is that.
Eureka - After Robot Dystopia & Brains in Vats, the old body switch plot will be quite relaxin'

Have to nod to last nights winner - Kim Spradlin. Despite totally controlling the game, if she hadn't won the last challenge, the other 3 might have had enough basic awareness that they needed to dump her. One of the ongoing puzzles of Survivor is how often there's an obvious winner. When it comes down to the last challenge, the point where all the minions in their shadow should rise up - it never seems to happen. Having already shown you Kim, this is Kat:

For the record, like everyone else I doubted her open heart surgery story. This picture shows the scar. Girl has definitely been through some stuff. Which is inspiring : To know that the human spirit can endure suffering without obtaining depth is quite liberating. Remember Gervase?
In our main focus, Linda Katehi still has a job. Her previous job has been filled by promoting a Dean. Which didn't slow the gravy train for search firms at UI. Thanks for playing. Time to watch some TV!

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