Monday, May 28, 2012

Yes, I am a genocidal maniac

This has me flabbergasted, or maybe bumfuzzled. Some stooge is posting special pleading to make the rules to tax hedge fund managers weaker. I pointed out a couple factual errors, and the loophole closing need for taxing sale of interest. Typical replacement McArdle, except for a couple of things. The guy was anonymous, and spreading some absolutely self serving drivel. In other words, almost certainly part of The Atlantic's new business model, aka Everything has a Price. Not something that you'd defend passionately, right? In fact, "Dr. Manhattan" never showed up, even when it was pointed out that the language he was complaining about had already been withdrawn. Ah, but the loyal acolytes of the Cult of the Hand are everywhere.
And of course, ready to jump in with something completely irrelevant.
surrealityslovak 1 day ago in reply to Downpuppy If I start a corporation and raise equity in the future, I inherently only participate in gains and not losses. Are all entrepreneurs thus not actually engaged in risk taking endeavours? This attitude is incredibly ignorant and obsolete. That most of its proponents are also proud of their own "anti-corporatism" is not exactly surprising. Neither is the fact that they haven't thought through the inevitable results of there proposals - an economy that is solely the province of elite family groupings with roughly no growth. We've been through a period without corporations, with unlimited liability, and where only rich families could start businesses. It was called the Dark Ages for a reason. This pose should only be attractive to genocidal enviromentalists, and anyone who adopts it should be scene as an ipso facto genocidal maniac
If anyone can translate this from Ferengi, I'd be much obliged. I already wrote the essay on why Corporations have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with carried interest rules. You can guess, to a round number, how much response that got.


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