Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Fifth Days of the Fourth Estate

A couple days ago, Bill Keller flew the Clueless flag in the New York Times. That someone does not understand anything at all about income stratification, class or basically how the United States works is no barrier at all to their being in charge of the New York Times. In fact, it's a requirement!

Given that Keller's column has been nothing but a rage magnet since the day it was launched, that's quite enough of that. Time to revisit an old rash, currently in remission, but due to erupt in oozing pustules far too soon. Megan McArdle!

It seems that, in the gap between being booted from The Atlantic & falling into a sinecure at the Daily Beast, Ms. M has taken her Permission to Suck to Italy.
Alas, she has not been with Dawn & Wilbur Weston on the reenactment of the Costa Concordia disaster. Worse: she's been sharing.

Fantastic oxtail at Checchino dal 1887, even though I was told it was "showing its age". I shall be completely spherical ere I leave Rome.

Saturday, July 28th

Favorite Stupid Italian satellite channel keeps interrupting Olympics coverage to talk about some dumb financial problem they're having.

Friday, July 27th

Favorite Most interesting conversation in Rome so far: Italian waiter who is mystified by American wine markups. I can't exactly explain it either.

Friday, July 27th

Favorite So apparently, if you leave Rome without gaining 10 pounds, you're doing it wrong.

& tons more utter crap. How can we be sure it's really Megan?
RT @attackerman: Terrorists murdered 11 Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympics 30 years ago. The IOC won't have a moment of commemorati ...

Yep, she took her calculator.

Stupidy, apathy & corruption - which is most prevalent amongst our Elites?

That's a real question. I have no clear favorite.


Kathy said...

When I was in Rome a waiter snatched a 5-euro bill from my hand while I was pondering the Tip amount. It had been an expensive meal with 2 bottles of MARKED UP wine, and his tip would have been more than 5 euros, I can tell you. He grabbed the money and said "Grazé". "No, thank you I replied to thin air.

Downpuppy said...

So is Spain the last holdout against tipping? And how many Willows does it take to drain 2 bottles?

Enquiring minds prefer dumb jokes to answers.

Anonymous said...

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Downpuppy said...

I let that out of the spam filter to mention - traffic here is about 100 pageviews a day. Most of it's because I put a Kate Beckinsale joke & butt shot at the top of a post about administrative bloat as a driver of university costs.

So I get traffic. It's readers & commenters that are in short supply.