Sunday, August 05, 2012

Miscreants 2: Jonah Goldberg

What could I add to the legend of the Doughy Pantload?

Maybe a little yeast. Let him speak his idiocy untrammeled.

What grabs my attention today is the stuff around the edges. Conservatism is about money. How do they make it?

Unlock your brain. Learn a new language in just 10 days...
How are cruise ships giving away their unsold cabins at up to 75% off...

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Join Michelle and tell Barack you’re in. Sign up now.
Men are finding an unlikely testosterone booster...
Over 1 million people have found relief with this secret, now available in Massachusetts...
If you are a smoker and live in [ Massachusetts] you need to read this...

O. K.  What's up on cruise ships these days?

A giant liner has been sinking off the coast of Italy for 2 hours* & nobody has noticed! No wonder they can't give away tickets. At least this is more realistic than Jonah's call to stupidity & ignoring your professors.

Of course, Jonah just went into the family business.
Whether he believes any of the crap he lazily peddles is entirely beside the point.
I do like to think of him as being rejected repeatedly by all normal women, who took on this image in his rearview (doublewide) mirror:

Leaving you with Jimmy Webb:

*Over a week in our time. 2 hours is an estimate of Comic Page Relativity. There is a serious issue of Space Compression in Mary Worth, & I can't exactly translate it into a Lorentz Contraction.

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