Thursday, August 30, 2012

Transit Investing in the Era of Family Dollar & Nieman Marcus

So, many of you have asked : What's a good solid investment in an era when 98% of all publicly traded coroporations are devices to direct money into the manager's pockets and the other 2% are scams?

Glad you asked! Before the Soylent Corporation takes over the food supply, there are still lots of opportunities to be the next to last fool, and make out like a bandit during a hurricane.

According to the New York Times, airlines have decided that business/first class should be nicer, and cattle cars are too good for the rest of us. Of course, even low rent fliers need driver's licenses and credit cards these days. (Pretty soon you'll need that to vote, too, and less and less people will actually have 1st class ID. At least one part of their plan makes sense. Evil sense, but consistent) What about the unbanked masses?

Greyhound is too good for you! Coming soon, to a curb near you - unregulated exploding buses!

This is the kind of stuff that makes one wonder whether there's some truth hidden under the layers of lies and denial in US politics. Sure, the Republican platform is a recipe for eternal class war, oppression, dystopia, & violence leading inevitably to a fascist crackdown. Like, du-uh.

But how much longer will the easy motoring version last? Gas is hitting $4 with the US pumping like lunatics and both US & European consumption down 10%. Is there really an option to ongoing recession, short of social reorganization?

Of course not. So the outrageous lies and partially concealed savagery of the Republicans are backed by a sneaking fear : You're with them or against them. The absurd "Obama is plotting the death of Suburbia" has only one real piece of evidence behind it : The certain knowledge that Suburbia Must Die.

In any event, I intend to celebrate down to the last minute of the modern age. And really, how does that work with Liars for Christ turning the screws?

It doesn't, of course.

Oh, right. Investment advice. Tattoo parlors, breast implant manufacturers, and a root cellar full of potatoes & porn. Because, why not?


Susan of Texas said...

All my investment money goes to sneakers, post-it notes, binders and groceries. The actual objects, not the companies.

Downpuppy said...

I was afraid to reread this post this morning. Got kind of carried away last night.

It doesn't make much sense, but the pictures are still good, so just going to leave it.

So you don't pocket your post-its at work like everybody else?