Saturday, February 11, 2012

Angry Barbie, no Beckinsale

It's an average gray afternoon in February, so what better time to base a post on a random story from Little did I know that today was the day they release the state employee salary list.

The University of Massachusetts again has the distinction of employing all but one of the state’s 50 highest-paid public workers, 2011 state records show.
The two top earners are Michael F. Collins, the University of Massachusetts Medical School chancellor, who made $761,314; and Terence R. Flotte, the medical school’s dean, who was paid $701,141.

The actual list is pretty amazing:

3 chancellors, more deans and vice deans than you can count, associate & assistant professors...

Point being, that it's not the amount any one person makes that's the issue here. My problem is that there's so bloody many administrators wandering around doing nothing that it makes the whole place freeze up.

Barbie is about to default on her student loans.

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