Thursday, February 02, 2012

Shiny Plastic People

One of the most interesting things I've heard about the Superbowl was good old Andy

explaining that cheerleaders do nothing for him because they were too plastic. This is actually pretty easy to understand. Consider the plastic twosome- Barbie & Jessica:

In your efforts to remain unreal, when gravity overtakes diet, exercise, makeup, dye & plastic surgery,

there's still Photoshop*

So, unless you're SARAH, or Mary C Ricks:

you roll with it.

As you sit in a group in front of a TV this Sunday, and a squad of robotronic cheerleaders performs, while you're pondering whether it would be lamer to not fake enthusiam or to fake it, remember : Once they leave the stadium, they're as real as the rest of us.

And ignore the screen. You know you want to. Because somewhere Barbie

is plotting revenge against the Komen Foundation.

And sorry, Andy, but Beckinsale - no thanks.

Time for Project Runway!

*Good catch, Mew

UPDATE: Gin & Tacos puts this notion to a motion.


mew said...

The "real girl" pic of Simpson has been very clumsily photoshopped. That's not her real physique.

Downpuppy said...

Hiya, Mew!

You're right, her left arm looks weird. Why would they have done it? Lord knows, there are plenty of fat & preggo pictures available. I grabbed it because the shirt matched the joke.