Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Ass Deans

No, this isn't about Kate Beckinsale butt shots, so go away

and y'all come back later, OK?

It's just a quick link to the President of the MLA holding forth on adjunct faculty.

Along the way, Prof. Berube drops some truly impressive numbers:

And as for those “strong market forces”: though it’s true that “colleges and universities have been facing severe budget pressures for the better part of two decades,” somehow this has not slowed the growth of university administration. Quite the contrary. As Benjamin Ginsburg points out in The Fall of the Faculty, administrators and managers at public colleges numbered 60,733 in 1975; 82,396 in 1995; and 101,011 in 2005. At private colleges, those numbers are 40,350 in 1975, 65,049 in 1995, and an astonishing 95,313 in 2005 (almost 47 percent growth in only ten years! amazing what the market can do when it puts its mind to it).

He seems to have mipelsed Ginsberg, whose book we will be hunting.

Anyhow, despite not really being in favor of having 200,000 Deans, we wish Judy well in her pursuit of the title Associate Dean of Facilities for Proactive Intermediation.

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