Sunday, February 05, 2012

My Five Year Mission starts with an info Bleg

I need to join the struggle to reduce college costs. There are a lot of aspects to cost inflation at universities, and there seem to be people upset at all of them:
The number of administrators continues to rise. At some schools, they are starting to outnumber faculty.

The higher pay scales are ridiculous. At UPenn, there are 15 people who made over $1,000,000 in 2010. In Massachusetts, the place to get basic information is the AGs office look up -
Tufts had 2832 staff, 1014 faculty in 2010.

Tenured faculty are bought off from complaining with generous salaries, absurdly light teaching loads, and nobody even making them show up.

To compensate for this, actual teaching is dumped on underpaid non-tenure track lecturers, adjuncts and grad students.

The big picture is, just like in corporate world, management is operating Universities for the benefit of management. Everybody else is a cost or a sucker.

The obvious need is to turn on the lights and make the cucas scramble.

My need is information - links to organizations, cost data, places that are bucking the trend. Or else, in a few years, I'll be just another sucker.

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