Monday, August 27, 2012

Conventional Blogging

Now that staying up to midnight to watch Bleach is too much, I have to salute Daily Bleach for a nice summary of what the delegates in Tampa are doing, between tossing out the duly elected Ron Paul delegates.

(The gay ones are funnier, but this is a T & A blog, not a sausagefest)

Back in the pocketbook, where the real action is, there's a nice summary of why Iceland saying "Get stuffed" to the bankers was the right thing to do. Yes, people who put bras on cattle know more than fancy bankers.

I went to Iceland at just the wrong time & have mixed feelings, but hard to argue.

Which brings us back to Linda Katehi & PSA. She has 4 days left on her own deadline to eat crow about the med school coming down on a prof who threatened the smooth running of the gravy train over all those interested in sensible health care.

I've never had a good word to say about UC Davis. The University of California system has managed to waste so much money that their out of state tuition is higher than Harvard's, and who the heck would pay that to endure the kind of abuse they deal out along with a rapidly declining reputation? Still, there was a time....

That time was 1976.


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