Thursday, October 11, 2012

Fox News, Springfield

One of the best excuses for avoiding elections is that nothing much changes that will personally affect you. For most of US history, that's been more or less true for most* people. The ascension of C+ Augustus was pretty unfortunate if you were a Reservist suddenly dropped into 2 tours of Iraq**, or lost your job, house and/or pension in the gutting of the US economy, but that stuff was unintentional damage.***

Keeping the effects of policy away from the main run of Americans was deliberate, of course. Maybe put some of the social issues in the platform to rouse the base, but don't push drop them on the rest of the public which moved into the 21st century even while the platform retreated into the 17th.

This years platform takes the War on People directly at us. With the True Believers having taken charge, there's no more time for denial.

They want to stop abortion, even though Willard bankrolled a contract where he might have to pay for one.

They want to restrict contraception. Starting with insurance plans, noving on to drugstores.

Medicare.  This one is personal for those of us in our early 50s, but EVERYONE will be paying for abandoning cost controls.

Taxing those with nothing. Their tax plan doesn't add up, at the most basic level. It's a 20% cut! It's not a cut! Yes, we did a more or less revenue neutral cut in marginal rates in 1986. Which means it's done. All the doable benefit cuts were done 26 years ago. What's the real plan? Buying it sight unseen is insane. If you listen to the background rhetoric, they clearly are planning some new non-income tax.

If you're gay, black, female or under 55, I don't have to tell you any of this, do I?

They're going to take away our porn, and the rest of the Bill of Rights, except the 2nd amednment.

Court packing, unaccountable vote counting and restricting who can vote are intended to lock in the loonies, no matter how badly their  schemes screw the rest of us.

*Did I miss any qualifying modifiers?
**Much worse if you were an Iraqi, but then you had no say in the matter
***Not to forget that the Romney program doubles down on all that. I've covered it.

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