Saturday, October 13, 2012

My Name is Nobody

A day when the Sooners went down to Texas & ran amuck is a day for Westerns. When the genre was played out in the US the Italians & Spaniards produced some fabulous silliness. Our text today is a 1973 classic.

or to go to the center of things, the saloon scene:

For all the lucky skunks in the world, there are lots more unlucky. Upside down pistols, bad medicine. Is  there a point to any of this?

Not so's you'd notice. If you want to save Jane from hanging, you know what needs to be done. In any event, you can count on the chorus.  T-t-that's all, folks!


Dan Riley said...

Jane Fonda in those brown Cat jeans was sexier than 90 percent of womenkind without pants.

Downpuppy said...

I thought of adding Bridget & Peter, but without having seen Wanda Nevada or South of Heaven, West of Hell it didn't seem right.