Thursday, June 07, 2012

Cowboy Movies, with Poll

Lots and lots of westerns - to a first approximation, all of them - are about the transition from a lawless state where some powerful jerk rules to civilization. Is there a genre about the reverse? We may be entering an era where decent folk are outvoted by selfish assholes. It's kind of an odd situation in that individuals are as gentle, if not quite as generous (It's about fear, yes?) as they've ever been. Problem is, for a long, long, time, the cult of the Savvy, or Glibertarians, or Nihilists, or Evil Fucking Plutocrats (your choice, #1) has dominated the National Discourse. Anyone who still mouths the basic communitarian wisdom that was obvious to Calvin Bleedin' Coolidge is now a Soshulist DFH. So, Baby steps. To start the move back to sanity, think about preferences. Do you prefer to live in a gentle egalitarian society, or to be better off than that jackass nextdoor who would slit your throat for $17? Consider 2 videos (Your Choice #2): Take a short break. Smoke 'em if you got 'em. Lemme know which touches you : Teh funny one or the deep one. Ignore the ad on one - or don't, if it bugs you. I swear on a stack of Quran, this is scientific.

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