Thursday, June 21, 2012

I went down Virginia

Some of you may remember that the laser like focus of this blog is combatting the administrative model of Universities and stopping the growth of tuition.

OK, so it's been a while. To recap, for the last 40 years, there has been unchecked growth of Management ranks, to the point where they are driving out faculty and bankrupting students.  Apparently, not fast enough for some people.

Teresa Sullivan, recently dumped as head of UVa, is a model administrator. She's raised tuition about 8% a year, introduced a budgeting system where popular departments keep their revenue, and generally stuck to the standard model.

Then the board of visitors struck, with Strategic Dynamism.

She could see no reason.

There was no reason. What reason do you need?
Only Lady MacBeth's sister's lonely plea, which unfortunately lacked any actual explanation:
My sister has not shared with me any of the specific reasons why President Terry Sullivan was removed, but if you know Helen like I do, you would undeniably trust her judgment and forethought. She would not have removed an effective, efficient president for unnecessary cause. She and the board are privy to information that we in the public are not.
You can imagine how few people that convinced, or you can click through. So, that's the basic story.  We've reached, a little earlier than expected, the breaking of the center. Just pandering to the donors while still trying to run the Standard Model won't work .

Cry Havoc, & let loose the dogs of war.

And in conclusion, almost forgot!

UPDATE : LGM on the cast of characters, ACTA & guilt by association.

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