Sunday, June 17, 2012

What's the matter? I don't give a damn

So I'm watching Rio Bravo, and trying to remember what it was that made a 1959 Western completely different from a 1969 Western. Which is not all that different from a 2009 Western. There was definitely a discontinuity there. Not just Wayne. Ricky Nelson was somehow owned by the System. So was Elvis. Face it, his movies sucked. Yet somehow they had something to do with the overthrow. Which might have something to do with the reconquista. How the hell did the overthrow of the old order leave us deeper in the hole to the aristocracy than anybody since pre-revolutionary France? Politics is about interest groups fighting for power. Somewhere along the line, the working class got separated from their interests. Many millions of words have been written about this. The people involved (in the sense a hog is involved with bacon) have not read any of them. So, I have one question to ask you : Are you stupid enough to be a Senator?
In summation, Fuck You, David Brooks.

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