Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Oh, Barbie, Barbie it's a wild world

Today we are confronted by insanity on all sides. From the Supreme Court of this benighted land, declarations that Corporations derive from a Supreme Maker, not state charters, (because Shut UP, that's why) and from elsewhere, that big headed child skeletons found in caves must be aliens because their DNA is only 99% normal, at least according to a basically incoherent decription of it from a raging nutter. How else to explain?
Actually, that covers it pretty well.

Since most of this is nothing new, the temptation is to just wobble around, mutter, and suffer the latest symptoms of aging. Is there an alternative? Of course. Just ask Barbie.

NO NO NO! Not reality TV Stereotype Role #2 - Angry Black Woman of Marginal Talent.

Back to the basics. Barbie, the Sweet Plastic Princess

Thank goodness.
Time to go watch some morons trying to cook without burning their hands.

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