Sunday, November 04, 2012

Endless Reserves of Gullibility

Last week, I quoted a pasage that mentions Divination. It was part of 1 Samuel 15, basically a throwaway line condemning thought as a substitute for obedience. Didn't make too much sense, so I hunted down an explanation. Beyond the simple definition - any path to supernatural knowledge other than what GOD says, it got weird. After a screamingly bogus tale of a disturbed boy & a fortune teller doing a con that's older than the pyramids, Bob DeWaay skipped past the obvious & went straight to the absurd:

One might ask, “How can it be that this worked”? The answer is that Satan has good reasons to make it work. The spirits tormenting the child were doing what evil spirits delight to do. The fortune-teller is connected to real spiritual knowledge.
One might more reasonably ask : How could Bob DeWaay be such a sucker?

Turns out the answer is : He probably wasn't. He wrote that stuff with the usual coping mechanism of hack writers - real spirits.

Fifteen to twenty years ago, when New Age wackiness looked to be gaining a foothold, I was a regular reader of the Skeptical Inquirer. It was always pleasant to sit down in the library & read about the latest in scams. For some reason, Therapeutic Touch seemed especially egregious.

Between The Amazing Randi, the internet, & various other things, the secular scammers seem to be in retreat. Now, though, I'm finally seeing what should have been obvious : Big time religion & the small time scammers need each other. In the days of pagans, when every nation could have their own gods, it could be pretty relaxed. But once the One True God became the notion, there had to be an explanation for why That Other God had so many followers. Sure, most followers will happily & quietly go along without thinking about that problem, but there's usually a few who start thinking about it. So, the role of the Deceiver is cast.

Anyhow, I've been more interested in politics than psychics lately. Which leads back to the same place everyone else has gone lately : Romneyland, a dark lagoon on the backside of Fantasy Island.

Smiles, everyone... smiles!

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