Sunday, November 18, 2012

Sheila Burgess shall

be gone from her job soon. Promoting highway safety while being a really, really bad driver *isn't the path to a long career.

I suppose this will be a lesson in the importance of safe habits, and get more publicity than she could manage to generate in years of doing her job normally, etc etc --- GOD, I'm boring myself.

Anyhow, that's life in the big city. In a way a good idea to have civilians involved in agencies they interact with from the other side. And it's certainly better than for people to take the path from administrator to miscreant - a Madoff or Corzine can do a lot more damage than an unempowered crook.

All in all, not a big job, and not a big deal. I went through the Globe comments, expecting to find at least some good jokes. Nada. C'mon - if you can't laugh about somebody screwing up big time - with nobody else getting hurt, when can you laugh?

Like the cop in The Onion Field who was so hammered that when he flipped his car they had to talk him into getting out of the upside down cruiser because he was still driving.

Or the old guy who gets a call from his wife : I heard there's a madman on I95 driving the wrong way. "No, Martha - there's hundreds!"

* My entire life is arranged to avoid having to drive. Clean record; no skills.

Update: She's already been reassigned. Looks like The Boston Driver's Handbook will still not be used at the RMV.

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