Saturday, November 03, 2012

Single Bars & Single Women

We all remember what the missions of this blog are, right? To stop the growth of tuition, and to solve the onrushing resource depletion crises that are set to make the 21st century worse than the 14th. Pay attention, people! OK, so it's time for a break from that. Let's give you what you came here for.

Looking at the stats, what was that? In the last day:

kate beckinsale ass 11
archie bunkers place porn gifs 3
va declaration of rights 3
encyclopedia brown solves them all 2
fighting against the tax collectors 2 2
hot college kids 2 kate beckinsale butt picture 2
legion of substitute heroes 2 letha weapons dp 2


Most of you were probably a bit disappointed. Maybe time to try something else. It's not like I have a lot to say about pubic hair removal. And the intersection of sex & Archie Bunker's place? Not going there, ever. Soooo...

Remember TV movies? Nowadays, that mostly means something arty on premium cable or a SyFy crapfest about a 2 headed shark.

Back in the days of 3 networks, there was always something in the disease of the week school, or with one of the holy trinity : Elizabeth Montgomery, Barbara Eden or Robert Vaughn. None of them were in the greatest TV movie ever

Single Bars & Single Women was released in 1984, when the networks were in the early stages of decline. As Keith Laumer would tell you (endlessly), decline can be a fun, fun time. What made the movie great? Sure, there was the music.

Mostly there was Shelley Hack

Also, the ever mediocre Tony Danza & Paul Michael GLaser. Christine Lahti, just because.
And, above all, there was Shelley's leather coat. I can't find a picture!  Bleg, bleg, bleg?

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