Sunday, March 04, 2012

Corrupt or systemic? Spreading the lice meme

I've been ponderously pondering the question of whether it's worth classifying organizations that aren't meeting their stated goals as evil or inept. In some cases, it's easy. Big banks & the NCAA are so far gone that there is no other sane approach than direct attack, with the aim of tearing them down stone by stone.

Then there are the boundary zones. Why is the Justice Department propping up the malefactors? Is the Catholic Church beyond salvation?

Of course, the concern here is with over-managed Universities. A University is a pretty grand notion and generally a well respected institution. Managers are an infestation - like cane toads in Australia, pigs in Hawaii, or sparrows in my hedge. How can the native species - professors and students - drive them out?

Think of senior managers as lice on Kate Beckinsale. Hot Kate Beckinsale has thought of them:

No bigger than the head of a pin, insects of the “Braula” genus live clinging to the fuzzy body of a honeybee and feed on nectar straight from the host’s mouth, even tickling the bee’s face until it regurgitates

Pity if she had to go bald -

And a pity for all the Ass Deans who'd have to find real jobs, but Hey! they all have the credentials to go forth & drag down less important institutions.

In any event, to add some educational content

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