Tuesday, March 06, 2012

The Legion of Substitute Heroes

Megan McArdle is on book leave, with her Shoes of Endless Mockability filled by substitutes* -

and in meat world I was forced to deal with people who get all their information from chain emails and Fox News. It ended with merriment and hugging, so whaddaya know? Barbie remembers the Surreal Life, when Tammy Faye make friends with Ron Jeremy

so she says to give the Reason Droids a chance. Sorry, not that much time in this life. Meanwhile, what to do to roll back the seas of disinformation? Perhaps the help of a brilliant archeologist?

Alas, there was a car crash. So we need a person of billiance, knowledge, eloquence and absolute objectivity. So where in the world is there in the world a man so extraodinaire?

I humbly admit, I'm much too noble to lie. So time to, ummmm, add a few more links?

*The Superman comic was obtained legally during a boring part of Open Air Circus. Only the jpg was stolen.

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