Thursday, March 15, 2012

Lying & Laughing, Ho Ho Ho

Every now and then, you have to pause in analysis and wonder at what people really believe. And then realize that huge swatches of it are utter rubbish, spread by people who know better, but just don't care.

i.e., paid liars. (And I dont mean Kate Beckinsale's plastic surgeon. However she got them, her boobs are real.)

Time to name some names, point out some occasions of deceit.

We covered global warming. Tracking Willard Romneys lies is a full time job.

Generation Opportunity is a standard issue Republican Astroturf operation designed to appeal to the Ute of Amerika. I ran into them because they set up a Facebook scam to drag in people upset about gas prices. The joke I posted go deleted in about 30 seconds. Of course, demagoging gas prices based on who is president is a major Republican effort this year. There was a bit of attempt to blame Bush in 2008, but on the whole sanity (and the collapse of the world economy) prevailed.

That Republicans freely lie to each other, strangers and themselves is not really news. This is after all the party that is attempting to worship a senile ex-actor whose entire presidency is a sham.

But who is the father of lies, the one who makes people happy to be lied to?

That's right. First we lie to children. Then, when kids start to catch on that grown-ups are conspiring to lie to them, they learn the big lesson : pretending to believe leads to good things. So they move on from Santa to the next layer of fakebelieve, the Old Man in the Sky. Again, good things happen to those who pretend to believe, nothing but trouble for unbelievers.

And that's why you need to do a child a favor : Tell them the truth. Santa is a wino working for minimum wage & the chance to have kids sit on his lap & pull his finger.

Otherwise, they could grow up to be a Fox News viewer, spreading chain emails and chuckling about those dumb old scientists who don't know about Jesus on a dinosaur.

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