Saturday, March 10, 2012

Tomorrow's & Yesterday's Funnies Today

It's the weekend. Time to get stupid.

While nothing can top Family Circus for porntastic rip off potential, there's a lot of fun stuff out there.

Archie out of context is an endless puzzle : How bored were the authors when they came up with this stuff?

(And yes, there's a ton of gay stuff, not all of it Jughead)

Superman put all the jokes on the cover, and Superdickery ponders them.

Joe Mathlete had a good run before giving in to the unstoppable force of Marmaduke.

Marmaduke is about to sodomize a banker into signing his owner-man's loan papers.

And yes, before I get any emails, Marmaduke will probably eat the banker after he sodomizes him. What else would he do?

And some more or less current strips better than anything in the newspaper:

Cyanide & Happiness -

Emily Flake/Lulu Eightball used to run in Digboston, but now she's all over the place.

Babbage & Lovelace isn't so much a comic strip as a comic that weaves in and out of a blog.

So whadda you got?

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