Monday, March 26, 2012

I saw a werewolf with a tuition bill in his hand

On our main front, cutting college costs before they hit home, there was a bit of progress this week. David Levy (not the chess one) spread some tripe about faculty in the Washington Post. While there are probably a few more wasted suits and bloated salaries among faculty than say, housepainters, it isn't exactly a new phenomenon. What is new was the rapid pushback, with lots of references to the real problem. [As well as lots of professor types claiming they work 170 hours a week for a dollar an hour because, gosh darn it, that's what they do]

The best collection was at Lawyers, Guns & Money.
The money quote:

Right; the reason for the increase in college tuition is “insufficient teaching schedules,” not the massive increase in administrative costs.

A couple more links along the way:

Center for College Affordability is promoting a 25 step plan to cut costs.

A more complete analysis of the UC numbers.

Time to go cook.

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