Saturday, March 03, 2012

UAB sexytime

Mostly the conversion of Universities from educational institutions to personal revenue streams for hordes of administrators is a pretty dry topic. Not always, thanks to Roger Shuler.

UAB is a pretty interesting place. They called me years back & enlisted me in a stroke study. Since I've had lots of ancestors die of stroke, many quite young, they didn't have to ask twice.

Turns out they hired the girlfriend of the UT President
as their president and the two of them proceeded to bleed both colleges blind.

Well, blinder. Turns out UAB has been specializing in research fraud for years. Shuler thinks the settlement only covered about 1% of the damage, which sounds about right. Shuler seems most upset that they hired a looser f'ball coach.

This is a pity. The women who call me every 6 months to see if I've had a stroke or significant brain damage are extremely nice, and quite dedicated. I suspect they haven't even siphoned off a significant chunk of the $400,000,000 Shuler thinks the researchers stole, and probably haven't been on any dirty weekends with Carol & John.

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