Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Old New Wave

For the last 90 years or so the main literature of teenage boys has been Science Fiction. From the clunky mechanical stuff of Hugo Gernsback to the mass produced fantasy of teh Goth era, most of it has sat well inside the boundary of Sturgeons Law: 90% has indeed been crap. But there was a time....

about 45 years ago when it looked like literature (and lots of sex) would break through, when Science Fiction could point the way into a new era. Along with Rock, Revolution and general desperation, it looked like we were on the edge of a change in society.

And we were, of course. And we're still in the grip of reaction, boiling over into insanity. Harlan Ellison is 77 years old. Phil Dick is 30 years dead.

And I see Hunger Games in my near future. It could be worse.

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