Thursday, March 01, 2012

Pay me, Bradley

My analysis of voting systems is that they should be responsive to revealed preferene. Derek Lowe points us to some new research in that area which indicates that members of the socionomically dispossessed orders have neurochemical disorders which manifest themselves rather frequently in forms of self abnegatory activation.

Although I support the universal franchise, I am not aware of anything about Voter ID laws that would impact them unfavourably. Indeed, Arnold Kling, Tyler Cowen and the Cato Institute are surprisingy united in their support for these laws. As far as I know my analysis of the metanarratives isconcordant with the lack of repercussions. There are only 20 million people lacking ID, which is less than 1 percent of the voting age population, and it seems to me unlikely that they have any stake in the outcomes. After all, anyone whose personal narratvie is centered around the ethos of the Untermenschen would prefer a beer and a doughnut, the working mans friends, to having to get out of their warm, happy homes to vote.

Update: A commenter points out :

Yet I've seen first hand and talked to people who have been recruited and had free cigarrettes, beer, etc. loaded on bus and taken to the polls to vote Dem being promised the Dems would give them more handouts. The town I grew up in was so predictable and every year you would see the buses rolling into the projects to buy votes.

Contest update : Just when I was afraid there would be no entries Katherine Mangu-Ward comes through with an effort that has winning potential : Most of the people who read it thought it was real McArdle! Also, she included a recipe & never broke the 4th wall. Best of all : Bradley really is paying her.


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